To Maine and Back . . .

Until the 6th of July, I’d been to 48 of the states, having only Maine and Alaska on my bucket list.  Gabby and I took off on 3 July and drove to DC to join the 4th celebration and see the fire works.  On to NYC on the 5th for a full day there, where Gabby became a fellow subway rat.  Then off to Maine, crossing the border on the afternoon of the 7th, and spent the night in Brunswick.  Spent three terrific days with my sister, Laurie, in Presque Isle, including a 10-mile, 4-hour kayaking trip down the Aroostook River.  The highlight was a bald eagle which grabbed a fish about 30 yards from us, too quick to grab the camera.  Also went to the start of US Highway 1 in Fort Kent.  Have been at the start and the end of that national highway, and on portions of it in every state in between.  Left Thursday, 12 Jul, overnight in Hartford, CT, for a side trip to Hershey, PA, and the center of the chocolate universe.  Put on 8 lbs just walking into the store.  Overnight in Staunton, VA (pronounced Stan’-ton), then home.  Roughly 3900 miles in 11 days, and 11-12 states.